The mission of the youth auxiliaries of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. is to provide a carefully designed program of activities that will enhance youth club members through mind, body, and spirit as they work within their various communities to help others.

Phi Psi Zeta chapter launched their initial youth auxiliary Fall 2015 with the Amicette club. The purpose of the Amicette club is to assist in the community, academic, and personal development of young ladies. 

The Amicette Programs provide activities that present opportunities to:

  •  Encourage each member to believe in herself 
  •  Develop new ideas and interests
  •  Develop an awareness of the need to share responsibilities and to understand one another in order to achieve a common goal
  •  Enhance goal setting, leadership and communication skills Our main objectives are to:
  •  Widen their horizons
  •  Develop their Leadership Skills
  •  Strengthen their social and cultural awareness through programs and community service
  •  Make a constructive impact on their personal development

At the end of a term as an Amicette, it is hoped that their involvement will continue within Zeta’s youth program by becoming a member of the Archonette Club.

Phi Psi Zeta Amicette Charter Members

Amicette C. Bradley
Amicette P. Bradley
Amicette D. Coleman
Amicette A. Hartwell
Amicette K. Hudson
Amicette G. Redmond

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